Simployer's core task is to simplify, explain, clarify and streamline the complex. When designing for print, keep in mind that our graphic profile aim to be a simple and airy framework that allows the message itself to be as clear as possible.

  • The composition should be experienced as simple and modern.

  • Choose good pictures and illustrations that create attention, have a stopping effect and serve the message. Here you can download one or more of our own photos.

  • Strive to use a lot of air (white space) both to portion text and let the message be clear.

Example of use from our annual report.

Placement of logo


  • Place the logo in the upper left or lower right corner

  • Please make sure white-space around the logo is correct, as stated here

Use of colors


  • Our signature color is the dark blue in combination with white, and we aim at using the primary colors in all communication.

  • Our accent colors are meant to either stand out or support the primary palette – not the other way around. See more under Colors.

Our stand material is an example of the simple and airy framework we aim to achieve.

Material for stands and exhibitions


We have ready made sets of different sizes of rollups and stand material to support all our business areas.

Additional rollups etc. should, if possible, match existing material.