Our brand guidelines

In these guidelines, you will find information about our brand's messaging, visual identity, and design elements, including our logo, typography, color palette, imagery, and tone of voice.
We encourage you to use this site as a resource and refer to it whenever you're creating materials that represent our brand.

Competent. Personal. Innovative.

Our reputation values are guiding stars for everyone working in and on behalf of Simployer.

This also applies to our creative expression, our communication and throughout the work to build the Simployer brand even stronger. By consistent use of our logo, colors, and a constrained family of typefaces, we bring purpose and cohesion to every interaction customers have with our brand.

A note on app & system design

Most of the guidelines here are for internal marketing and design purposes, where Simployees can do parts of design themselves.
For our systems and applications, we working on updating our design system in Figma. The first release of the new design system was in April 2023. It is still a work in progress.

Guideline updates

May 01 2023: Update on Google Material Symbols

Feb 7 2023: Added LinkedIn background images

Jan 30 2023: Info about changing fonts/typography

Jan 30 2023: Updated version of Powerpoint template: new fonts!

Jan 11 2023: Added templates

Jan 6 2023: Added logo downloads.

Other resources

Simployer styleguide (for developers)

Public website custom codes (for editors)