We aim to use good-quality images, which support the given context, and add to our brand values. Original artwork should always be preferred to stock photography.


  • Use images that support or enhance the messaging
  • Use images that showcase a product
  • Use images that underline our core values

Do not:

  • Use images simply for decor
  • Use stock photos haphazardly
  • Use pictures regarded as unprofessional, unless by intent

Image composition

A billboard-style image ("hero") should often reflect the calmness all Simployer users experience ;)

This can be achieved by having the person in focus looking content, organized and at ease, while there is much going on in the background. The background can look busy by having blurred motion (slow shutterspeed, not a photoshop filter), or by seeming somewhat chaotic. 

See and download our own photos here

Illustrations, product screenshots

We should strive to make product screenshots look interesting and dynamic - even if the content in the image is not very impressive. Rather than head-on cutouts on devices, try adding perspective and depth.

If the contents in the screenshot is important to the context, try to use it without framing it in and example device.

Example - overlay on composition from

Example - overlay on composition from