Our colors

Our signature color is the dark blue, and we should aim at using the primary colors in all communication. The accent colors are meant to either stand out or support the primary palette – not the other way around. They should be used sparingly – as Call to Actions, for warnings, special offers, in illustrations, etc.

White space is the area between design elements. It is also the space within individual design elements, including the space between typography characters. Despite its name, white space does not need to be white. It can be any color, texture, pattern, or even a background image.

We encourage use of white space to create a more airy, light and uncomplicated layout. This improves readabilty, and will help to get the message across in a more exclusive-looking manner.

Use with care

  • Do not use all colors at all times. Try to stick with as few as possible, and use the most common combinations of Primary, Secondary and backgrounds - and remember to consider your use of white space.
  • Try to avoid going off-brand - start with the primary colors. Avoid making your presentations too pink or orange.
  • Please be aware, and test, if you are using the colors in a good way. Remember that colors "behave" differently according to the media they are presented in, digital vs print, and how people experience them.
  • Please contact the UX team for review or help if you are not totally confident with your designs or layouts.





Misc./text colors

Colors & best practices

There are a few pitfalls to using our color palette. Some colors do not work together, other may have issues depending on screen calibration, size etc. Here are a few examples.

Avoid bleeds between similar colors.

Example: Beige and pink backgrounds do not work next to each other.

Ensure solid contrasts

Stick to using one of the background colors at the time.

Don’t go overboard

If you use background colors on elements of equal importance, you will add a visual hierarchy. In addition, too many colors on the same page or in the same group of elements may look unprofessional.

Don’t assign colors to products.

We use our palette across products, services and sites for various purposes. The colors cannot be used exclusively.

Suggested color combinations